Faculty of Economics


The Faculty of Economics is the youngest one at the Poznań University of Life Sciences. It was established in 2006 and it is a scientific unit focused on research and education in the field of economic sciences.

The Faculty performs research at the macro-, meso-, and micro-level regarding economic and social problems related to the processes of economic development on the international, national, regional and local scale. Basic research areas cover the following issues:

  • economic policy and agri-food policy,
  • regional policy and social policy towards rural areas,
  • competitiveness and sustainable development of agriculture, food industry and rural areas,
  • bioeconomics,
  • domestic and foreign trade in agri-food products,
  • marketing and food consumption,
  • market of organic food,
  • economics and organization of agriculture, horticulture and wood industry,
  • agricultural law,
  • risk management in agriculture,
  • regional diversity, as well as political and institutional environment of agribusiness,
  • poverty and standard of living in rural areas.

In recent years, use of econometric, statistical, taxonomic and decision-making methods for evaluation, modelling and causal identification of the above-mentioned socio-economic issues is developed.

The Faculty of Economics offers BSc and MSc studies in the field of:

  • Economics,
  • Finance and accounting.

These programmes give the students a wide knowledge and skills in the field of economics, marketing, agri-food policy and economic law to perform a managerial role in business entities and institutions or run their own business, especially in agri-food sector. Graduates are prepared to undertake jobs in business entities including senior-level management, especially in agriculture and food industry, wholesale and retail trade, catering business, tourism and agri-tourism or affiliates of transnational corporations. They are also able to work in other institutions and economic organizations, such as banks, accounting offices, local and central government units or consulting firms. It is possible for them to run their own business or to go on to work in research and education.

The Faculty conducts full-time doctorate studies in the area of economics. It is entitled to confer Phd degree and post-doctoral degree in economics. Moreover, the Faculty offers postgraduate studies and a full-time English-speaking MSc programme in the field of Economics, specialisation in Agribusiness.

Research units at the Faculty of Economics:

  • Department of Economics
  • Department of Economics and Economic Policy in Agribusiness
  • Department of Finance and Accounting
  • Department of Law and Enterprise Management in Agribusiness