Requirements for the diploma thesis

Anti-plagiarism system 

Dear Students of Agri-food Economics and Trade,

In connection with commencement of diploma seminars and writing master's thesis, I would like to remind you that preparation and defence of the master's thesis dissertation is the basis for completing your master’s degree program in Agri-Food Economics and Trade.  Positive assessment of the progress in the preparation of the diploma thesis (i.e. positive grade of the seminar in each semester) is a prerequisite for taking the diploma exam.  I mean if you don’t have a positive grade of the seminar in a given semester, you must repeat the whole academic year, because in such a case there is no possibility of conditional registration for the next semester.

I would like also to remind you that any form of plagiarism in your master’s thesis dissertation is forbidden by Polish law. Copying, rewriting, using entire publications or pieces of publication, including on-line publications (a sentence, a paragraph or the whole chapter, tables, drawings, graphs, charts etc.) from any sources without providing bibliographic data is forbidden and it is considered plagiarism. This also applies to online publications. Publications from the Internet can be used in diploma thesis only with full details about the author, title of the work and place (link to the website and date of access to the website).

Detection of plagiarism of the master’s thesis may result in referral to the Student Disciplinary Board, administrative proceeding to delete you from the register of students of Poznan University of Life Sciences and finally may result in the removal of the master's professional title. All your master’s thesis dissertations will be obligatorily checked by the Uniform Anti-plagiarism System and the event of a plagiarism being discovered in your MSc thesis dissertation at any time after its writing, the professional title of master's degree will be withdrawn.

Please, remember you’re preparing your own dissertation, but you’re not alone. Your supervisors will keep an eye on your progress, give you advice and offer feedback on your drafts, they'll be able to guide your planning, tell you when targets are or aren't realistic and help you avoid unforeseen pitfalls. I would like you to know that all of you will prepare your master’s theses under supervision of experienced academics from the Faculty of Economics.

Prof. dr hab. Walenty Poczta

Master's final exam dates