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The Faculty of Economics at the Poznań University of Life Sciences

The Faculty of Economics is one of the six faculties of the Poznań University of Life Sciences. A university with a tradition of more than 100 years of academic studies, one of the major universities in Poznań. The University infrastructure enables efficient work of the academic staff and smooth implementation of the student education process.

The Faculty of Economics provides education in two fields of study - ECONOMICS and FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING, and within the Agri-food Economics and Trade programme delivered in the English language. Owing to the educational profile focussed on agribusiness, the conducted research activities are unique, and study programmes offer the advantages of an educational niche and exclusiveness of education. More than fifteen hundred students are educated in all the programmes offered by the Faculty.

The Faculty building - Collegium Maximum

The Faculty is located in the main building of the University of Life Sciences - Collegium Maximum at 28 Wojska Polskiego street in Poznań. It is here that most of the classes are held for our students. Convenient location and good accessibility are great advantages of the Faculty. Easy access by bus and tram from every location of Poznań, a large car park for students and numerous green areas around the university are just a few of the many advantages of its location in Sołacz, the most beautiful district of the city.

State-of-the-art educational facilities

The University has very well-developed educational facilities comprising twenty-four lecture theatres and numerous classrooms equipped with high-class audiovisual devices.

Twenty-four lecture halls

The vast majority of lectures for students of our Faculty is delivered in four lecture halls located in the Collegium Maximum building which also holds the Faculty headquarters.

Modern classrooms

Most of the classes for our students are also held in classrooms located in the main University building. More than thirty classrooms with state-of-the-art equipment enable conducting classes at a high educational level.

Well-equipped computer labs

For courses which require work with computers, classes are held in two modernised and well-equipped computer labs. High-class computers are equipped with software for quantitative subjects and with specialised accounting software. The third computer lab is planned to open by the end of 2020.

Seminar rooms with videoconferencing facilities

The Faculty has three classrooms for diploma seminars which are additionally equipped with state-of-the-art videoconferencing equipment for conducting hybrid-mode diploma exams.  More than four hundred bachelor's and master's degree examinations were conducted in the last academic year with the use of distance learning technologies.

WiFi for students

All buildings and classrooms have access to wireless high-speed internet.

Convenient facilities for work and learning

The Faculty staff occupy more than sixty one-person and two-person offices. The offices provide comfortable conditions for conducting research activities and didactic work - consultations and appointments with students.

Room 213 - Dean’s Office

On the second floor of the Collegium Maximum building, there is the Dean’s Office in which five employees provide services for the students and staff of the Faculty of Economics.Student Research Clubs can use rooms in the Faculty building, and Student Government Board members have at their disposal rooms at the dormitory.


Near the Faculty building, there is the Main Library building where students have access to an extensive collection of books in the field of economics which can also be read in the reading room. The library offers access to a variety of scientific journals. It is also a member of the Poznań Foundation of Scientific Libraries enabling students of the Faculty to use the resources of all libraries in Poznań. In the near future, in the immediate vicinity of the Faculty building, the so-called  Info-centre is planned to be built which will house the new main library of the University.

Modern sports facilities

The Centre of Physical Culture at the Poznań University of Life Sciences has a complex of facilities comprising a sports hall, indoor and outdoor tennis courts, a fitness room, a spinning room, and beach volleyball courts. All the facilities are located near the Faculty building. In these facilities, PE classes are held, students train within their sports sections; they also can participate in other activities offered by the Centre of Physical Culture.

For students who want to realise their artistic passion, the University offers a number of specially adapted facilities through its Student Culture Centre.

A comfortable environment

Since the spring of 2013, a modern canteen has been open for students (and not only for them) which is adjacent to the Faculty building and offers tasty meals at prices affordable for students.

Next to the Faculty building, there are also two large car parks, each for nearly two hundred cars.

Modern dormitories

The University of Life sciences in Poznań has the best offer of dormitory facilities among Poznań universities. Modern, renovated rooms meet students' needs, and their number is sufficient to provide accommodation for all the interested students.